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You have clients to please and audience to attract but you don't have the time to create web content that stands out. 

That's what I'm here for.. 

Hello there!
I'm Joann Owens, a freelance web content specialist who have over 3 years experience in web content, SEO, eBook, medical, and ghostwriting. Most of my clients are from the health/medical industries but I'm also open for clients from different areas. 

I take pride in the work that I do and it is my goal to surpass my client's expectations when it comes to their web content needs. 

You can read some samples of my written work here.

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Client Love

"Joann is a reliable ghostwriter. She's very timely and is a great help in maintaining our blog. Her professionalism and quality of work enables us to work together for over a year now. I highly recommend her writing services to anyone who wants to establish their online presence."
Bill Chak, Discovery

"Joann is a dedicated researcher and writer. We have high standards for articles as we need to maintain a professional image among our clienteles. Fortunately, Joann rose to the occasion and has submitted high quality articles that are thoughtfully written and geared for SEO results. We are thankful for her articles that improved our SEO and our business sales."

Cedric Soh
Owner, www.seniorcare.com.sg / www.honeycity.com.sg / www.petfoodcare.com.sg


"Joann is an excellent blogger, she writes in a clearly and engaging way that has helped improve the views on my website. She pays attention to the details and always delivers on requirements. I have never had an issue with her and highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a ghost writer/blogger."


“Joann provided us with writing, WordPress and SEO services for 3 months in 2014. During this time she proved that she was very flexible in her approach to all tasks requested, she took instruction very well and proved to be a very fast learner and she made a very positive contribution to our company. Her quality of work and English language skills are very good and after a small period of training she was producing good articles at a steady pace. A house move forced us to relinquish the services of Joann but we can say with complete confidence that once our situation has settled down, we will hopefully be in a position to hire her again. Very friendly, quick to answer queries and a pleasure to have her on the team.”
Stephanie Crimes
Co-Owner, JCS Trading


"Joann Owens has a great power and skill in content writing. She writes in a way that helps you get right to the heart of your audience. She has made a significant impact in our portal by providing great ideas for content marketing. A friendly writer, you'll feel like you know her personally. I discovered that I am a bad writer after dealing with her :)”
Alaa Alomari
Chief Information Officer, German Medical Reference


“What I love about Joann is her sincerity towards her work, which most other freelance bloggers lack. She went the extra mile researching for the assigned topics, offered multiple revisions without a second thought and has that amazing knack of understanding the instructions really well. For freelance writing projects, Joann is the woman you’re looking for. You won’t regret.”
Syed Naimath
Co-Founder, Plugmatter.com